Talk comments

Very informative! Speak a little louder/clearly, and be more confident in your speaking abilities - the quality of the information was great.

Good talk with great designs. Couldn't hear you real well at times, but that was the only minus I have from the talk.

Great to see what changed and what has remained the same over the years! thank you for the knowledge Laura!

Way to go Matt! I enjoyed your talk, and learned a few things. You are on a great track Matt!

Great talk Mrs. Long! Very entertaining, and easy to understand. I picked up a lot of great tips from you. And when you see slot machine E commerce, know that your talk inspired the idea! Thank you Beth!

Very cool talk Omni! phing looks like a pretty cool tool to assist with testing and making awesome code! Great presentation!

I enjoyed learning about some of the ways to determine whether your code is slow, or it is your processors, or I/O. thank you for the enlightenment Derick!

Anonymous at 09:21 on 2 Jul 2013

What's this got to do with PHP?

Anonymous at 09:12 on 2 Jul 2013

Great speaker. Was a little too basic but speaker was awesome.

Anonymous at 09:09 on 2 Jul 2013

Too advanced for Foundations track. My eyes glazed over about half-way through. Covered too much info. Definitely need a laser pointer to know which line of code is being referred to. Really wanted to learn more about using classes but came away more afraid of them than ever :-(