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Jon Spriggs at 11:17 on 21 Oct 2019

Once again, a sterling turn out from organisers, crew, speakers and attendees. I attended some great talks, and having the "Ideas for talks" board was a great idea - I think the Meetups talk wouldn't have happened without it!

Although I didn't bring my children, I spent a couple of minutes with my head in the kids track, and it looked really interesting. I hope this is a key and critical part for OggCamps to come! Likewise, there were other talks that I wanted to attend in every slot on the Sunday, so I missed the FlawCon, but again, this brought a vibe to OggCamp that we've not seen for some time and I'm glad they were there!

The exhibition space was much larger this year, and I was glad to see it was used for more than just the exhibitors (in particular, the D&D game, run by @BinaryKitten was great to see, and I'm glad that Fab and Dave were playing Magic... both of which I had to observe from a distance, to preserve my poor battered bank account).

Year-on-year, the event feels more inclusive and supportive. There were more ladies this year, and while there wasn't a large non-white contingent, I'm glad to see that we did have some!

I only have two "negative" comments, that didn't cause me many issues, but are worth mentioning;

* I found it a bit disorientating that the rooms moved between Saturday and Sunday, but I missed the welcome talk on Sunday because I was working on my talk, and so that might have been addressed there and I missed it.

* I found the accoustics in the bar and for the band playing on Saturday night were really uncomfortable. I couldn't hear very well, and ended up leaving early because it was starting to give me a headache. This is something that you can't judge without having people there, and, well, I saw others there who weren't struggling with it, so again, perhaps it was just me.

So, in summary, this was a great event, and I'm glad to have been part of it again this year. Much love to Dan and Les who have retired, and I look forward to offering myself as a mentor (if they want me) to anyone who comes in and wants to organise OggCamp 2020!

Really enjoyed my first oggcamp. It was accessible and well-organised but the most important thing for me was the vibe. I felt welcomed and included and being a bit of a fish out of water didn't matter because everyone treats each other the same. I learnt some interesting stuff too. Many thanks to the organisers and all the hard working volunteers.