Talk comments

Henry Sprog at 21:34 on 30 Oct 2019

Really enjoyed this talk. Our data is probably our most undervalued assets so being able to keep as much control as possible is good.

Henry Sprog at 21:31 on 30 Oct 2019

Always enjoyable to listen to Dan & Fab discuss the issues.

Henry Sprog at 21:24 on 30 Oct 2019

We often forget the amount of work in running a project. Nice balance of project life cycle chronology and the real world issues that have to be managed. Excellent.

Henry Sprog at 21:16 on 30 Oct 2019

The talk about education is long overdue in my opinion. The fact we had a Josh on the panel was a highlight for me. The best insight into the health of a product, which is what education is in my opinion, is to get the feedback from customers and the people who work in it.
As one of those that did not put there had up in support of Microsoft we need to remember that Microsoft is a business and as such there actions will be guided by what is good for the business. As long as the community understands this we will be fine but if they think they hold our values we may get a shock.

Henry Sprog at 20:57 on 30 Oct 2019

I enjoyed this and will be implementing it on my VPS as soon as I get 5 mins! Thank you.

Henry Sprog at 20:54 on 30 Oct 2019

Excellent. As a podcast consumer I now realise the amount of effort the podcasters put in.

Henry Sprog at 20:49 on 30 Oct 2019

I have struggled with snaps concept but now I understand the background I will take another look. Thank you.

Henry Sprog at 20:46 on 30 Oct 2019

I took three things away from this talk that I think was important:
1) having a robust but quick change process reduces the attack vector for the bad guys
2) The time from detection to countermeasures must be a short as possible.
3) reducing your upload speed will reduce the loss of data if you have a breach.

Very enjoyable shame I missed seeing the big book of mathematical proof the next day. (Sorry I am that sad)

Henry Sprog at 20:33 on 30 Oct 2019

Excellent. This is new to me and this talk got me thinking.

Oliver Kelly at 10:26 on 23 Oct 2019

For anyone interested in Dave's website for the presentation :