Talk comments

Anonymous at 09:11 on 12 Nov 2015

Hi Marcello.

I attended this presentation at the past PHP Barcelona Conference.

It would really useful for me if you publish the slides of your presentation to review the main concepts.


Nice pace, easy to follow and well developed storyline.
Would have liked a deeper explanation on feature flags.

Having already read both books mentioned at the end of the talk and already being familiar with most of what was presented made me loose attention.

Pace was too slow.

Crazy idea, really nice presentation.

Anonymous at 22:55 on 3 Nov 2015

The tool is quite interesting but honestly I think it would have helped the talk to express more clearly it intentions from the begining. I remember found myself halfway the talk a little lost and not knowing where the speaker was going with all of this.

Anonymous at 22:51 on 3 Nov 2015

I really like that someone spoke about SPL. The concepts where explained in a very clearly manner, it just that the energy of the speaker was a little too low for my taste, probably not the best hour either

Anonymous at 22:49 on 3 Nov 2015

Honestly, it was my favourite talk. The way you show a collection of examples, from more basic to more complex, stopping to show the advantages/disadvantages of each one, the slides with the food and the kitchen metaphor, the energy of the speaker... congratulations, really