Talk comments

Davey is a very natural speaker and when he is talking manages to grab my full attention. Thought I had seen this talk previously but turned out I hadn't. Learnt some new things and Im looking forward to PHP 7.

A good solid talk in my opinion. Live demos are never easy but the talk flowed really well. I use php storm on a daily basis and I found some useful things I can use in the future that I think will actually improve my productivity.

Best talk of the conference for me some real insights in what its like to maintain a large open source project.
Enjoyed the presenting style. I think anyone who is thinking of releasing open source in the future would have got a good feel of what it would be like should their library/tool become popular. Im glad Jordi mention burnout as that something that really exists in our industry and needs to be talked about more.

Anonymous at 09:49 on 7 Oct 2015

Talk was informative I like the angle of looking at it from library publisher point of view as I generally think about composer as consuming libraries. Solid presentation style with humour equals enjoyable speaker and talk.

Whilst you did mention Satis and Toran I think an added bonus to the talk could be some more details on using composer in a continuous integration environment as I've run into problems with rate limiting even when I used an oAuth token with Github.

Very useful information shared in this talk. Thoroughly enjoyed it

Perhaps a bit thin on information, seemed to talk more about past work experience rather than the actual tech. Still a great talk, though.

Excellent, too smart for words, great speaker, makes complex content interesting. Perhaps focusing a bit more on differences the code makes to their opcodes would help the audience keep up and internalize what's happening, and relate it to their everyday work.

Extremely interesting for me, and communicated and formalized concepts many of us are forced to guess at, due to the hate & subsequent lack of convention these DBs get.

No evangelism, just "use the right tools for the job". Sick of people hating on these DBs when they're using them for use cases that don't fit at all.

A hot topic, speaker was knowledgeable, if a bit nervous on stage. Ideas and concepts were well-communicated, though.

An interesting talk, not too useful to people who don't use wordpress, but otherwise helpful.