Talk comments

Tomo Šala at 13:32 on 14 Jun 2018

Branislav delivered a great presentation, but I was actually expecting a bit more context and concrete examples of FP use in php, in comparison to OOP or just plain old spaghetti approach.

This was more of an introduction to FP, and a really good one at that - covering the basics, a bit of history, and simple to understand examples.

Branislav has clear diction and a solid vocabulary.

Tomo Šala at 13:28 on 14 Jun 2018

Very interesting topic, but execution was a bit lacking.

I was expecting more concrete examples related to the stages and steps of monolith decomposition.

Most of the slide examples were lacking in both theory and explanation - especially those related to Kafka.

Luis has clear diction, but with a noticeable accent and some mispronounced words.

Tomo Šala at 13:27 on 14 Jun 2018

Michael gave a nice talk introducing and explaining what feature flags are and how and when to use them.

Although Michael is a native English speaker, his accent and pronunciation are, at times, a bit overwhelming and presented a distraction for me.

Tomo Šala at 13:24 on 14 Jun 2018

Although Emily encountered technical problems mid presentation, she managed to overcome them like a pro - doing her best to keep the audience engaged and focused.

This gave a bit different take on CQRS&ES, not focusing on code and implementation as much as on giving context and insight into the different aspects of applicability of CQRS&ES in various parts of the existing applications.

Emily has clear diction and great vocabulary.

Tomo Šala at 13:18 on 14 Jun 2018

Great topic with excellent delivery!

Robert gave a clear and pragmatic introduction to DDD that, in my opinion, is better than most of the DDD intro articles and videos out there.

Not focusing on code examples but rather on explanations of what DDD is, motivations behind, and kinds of problems it is meant to help solve, it helped me put things more into perspective.

Having a surprisingly clear diction and mastery of his vocabulary, Robert managed to deliver a talk on par to Eryn in this aspect.

Tomo Šala at 12:59 on 14 Jun 2018

Great talk with lots of useful insights and interesting examples accompanied with clear and to the point slides.

Eryn has clear and understandable diction with almost no presence of accented pronunciation.

Great talk, informative, on point.

Arnout Boks at 07:50 on 1 Jun 2018

Nice and clear message, backed up well by practical experiences and struggles. I think this more technical keynote nicely complemented the other (more people-related) keynote.

Arnout Boks at 07:46 on 1 Jun 2018

As others already commented, I would have liked some more PHP-specific content. Apart from that, I think this was a really nice treatment of machine learning, including its limitations and caveats.

Arnout Boks at 07:43 on 1 Jun 2018

Good to see some CS topics like this being treated at conferences. Great talk, and the animations really help to get the message across.