Talk comments

Michiel touched on something close to my heart as a long time Ant dependant. Phing brings that extra level of control to continuous integration setups and, being a native PHP coder, a wonderful freedom to extend. Michiel's talk was comprehensive and clear and has inspired me to begin some serious system cleanups.

Wim gave us a great talk on the benefits and looking outside our applications to better understand the importance and impact of careful design and coding considerations. I thoroughly loved the real world examples.

This was definitely a talk I was looking forward to. Danny brought something completely new to the conference (and was even confident enough for live demos). Something that benefits all of us in the PHP development community. Now I've gotta run. Need to place with AMF some more.

Best delivery of the conference.

This talk felt a lot shorter than it actually was. It was great to hear from someone who has worked extensively with the Google platforms, as this isn't a popular topic outside of Google-run conferences.

Phing seems great, and you presented much useful information regarding how it is used. Would have loved to hear more about why you would recommend this over other build processes and tools. Well presented.

Dude. You were so nervous. You did a great job, though I would recommend you recommending resources for learning this stuff - there was a ton of detail (especially with the vagrantfile and provisioners) that people will not remember after the talk.

I enjoyed the practical examples - things that actually happened in production. Good job.

Excellent talk, full of practical stuff.

It was interesting to learn of some of the drama and processes.