The scope of PHP developers has changed dramatically: if you have built your applications from scratch in pure PHP back in the days, you can trust in numerous frameworks covering all relevant topics, from routing over security aspects to dependency injection nowadays. Also, there is a sophisticated tooling, a stable infrastructure and the achievements of DevOps culture; and to be honest, the classic LAMP stack has become part of the web devlopment history. The range of skills to be covered and to be handled is way broader in modern days – and thus more exciting. This is exactly what we want to represent at the PHP track at FrOSCon.

Saturday 19th August 2017

10:15 Beyond PHP : it's not (just) about the code!
Talk by Wim Godden (45 minutes)
Rated 4
You just became a team lead. What now?
Talk by Volker Dusch (45 minutes)
14:00 Asynchronous Request Processing
Talk by Jan Gregor Triebel (45 minutes)
Rated 4
Putting V8 into PHP for fun & profit
Talk by Stefan Siegl (45 minutes)
16:30 International Components for Unicode
Talk by Claudio (45 minutes)
17:30 Automation for PHP people
Talk by Sebastian Feldmann (45 minutes)

Sunday 20th August 2017

Rated 0
Defensive programming
Talk by Kamil Szymanski (45 minutes)
11:00 How to replace MongoDb with Postgres and not to f*** up.
Talk by Oleg Schelkunov (45 minutes)
14:00 Extending PHPUnit
Talk by Sebastian Bergmann (45 minutes)
Rated 3
Powering an Alexa Voice Skill with Symfony
Talk by Jan Gregor Triebel (45 minutes)
16:30 Learn Redis the hard way ... in production
Talk by Andy Grunwald (45 minutes)