Talk comments

Sam Partington at 09:48 on 1 Mar 2016

Really useful talk - the demos added a lot, and the explanation of how it differs from using e.g. Vagrant was so helpful. That explanation of the difference was something that had been lacking from every other Docker talk I'd ever seen, and this talk was worth coming to for that alone!

I would have appreciated more about what the limitations are of the fact that this isn't a full VM - e.g. I understand you can run a shell in the Docker machine, but that's not the same as "SSHing in" to something.

@Nicholas I doubt so: barely managed to finish with everything in ~60 minutes, and there's still much more to say.

Now I wanna commit to something!

Enjoyed the talk - this is what PHPUK is about for me. Education in our industries latest tech and trends.

Great talk; learned lots about Doctrine. Could have done with some realtime/practical demos maybe?

Had high hopes for this. Started well. Got the audience laughing early, but gradually the talk became less accessible (lots of slide info that was hard to read, couldn't really hear the talking). Lots focus and interest during the talk and as a result didn't really feel like I took anything away from it.

Worth seeing. Tonnes of information. Really impressive results. Didn't feel like I left with any actions I could take to follow up on it. There was no "tutorial" element to it, was more a "look what we do" kind of talk. Fascinating information, but not immensely and practically useful for me.

Entertaining and informative. Possibly the best talk at PHPUK16...

Interesting talk. Worth seeing. Very well presented. The humour, interaction and presentation style were excellent and kept my focus through the whole thing (never felt tempted to drift off). Clearly an excellent presenter.

This comment is for the organisers, not Jessica:
IMHO should have been a track talk.

DrupalCon did the same thing; keynoted a mental health topic. It's important, but I'm not sure its a keynote. My expectations for any conference is to extend my knowledge and experience on the topic of that conference. Mental health in our industry is important and it should be discussed; I personally don't think it should headline a developer conference, in the same way a PHP talk should not headline a mental health conference. It, like the Thursday keynote, for me felt "off topic".