Talk comments

Great talk.

I'm going to be reviewing the video in depth later on to ensure that PHP Yorkshire itself is up to scratch with handling users data.

I was quite interested in finding out exactly what a workshop on soft skills would entail and from that perspective; my curiosity was sated.

This was a fun workshop which I feel that the only downside was a lack of attendees. This meant that many of the exercises took a fairly short period of time to complete and saw us moving onto some exercises which were more individually focused. While these exercises are no doubt valuable in their own way, I think greater benefit is derived from the group tasks as one of the hardest things for developers to do is to work effectively as a team; especially when it comes to communication. Perhaps a way to resolve this in future if the attendee count is low, would be to repeat some of the exercises later on, perhaps with slightly different parameters to see if attendees improve their performance the second time around.

Very entertaining talk. The speaker clearly loves the subject and had very relevant stories within the talk to highlight the concept

A good talk. Pretty much an overview of the OWASP too 10 but some good examples.

Decent talk but appeared quite sporadic.

Being a sole developer I do not have that much benefit from alternative ideas and methodologies when programming. This talk has opened my eyes to ddd which I plan on utilising greatly.

Great talk on privacy by design. Given me a lot to think regarding GDPR

Great overview of alternatives to the default option of MySQL in both SQL and noSQL options.

This talk was badass. I want an Advanced Behat talk going in more depth how to load SF/ZF service managers and use injection and all sorts.

Gemma Anible at 21:42 on 19 Apr 2018

Spectacularly well-prepped, to the point that I missed a decent chunk (because internetting is hard) and was still able to catch back up and follow along. The sample project highlighted Laravel's strengths, and I appreciated the design and tradeoff comparisons between Laravel and Symfony.