Talk comments

JGS at 13:50 on 12 Feb 2018

Were to view or download the presentation?

Great talk which really shone some light on the topic of floating point numbers in detail. Delivered in a way that pretty much anyone even without much IT background would have been able to understand.

Jeroen de Jong at 11:26 on 7 Feb 2018

Juliette is a very enthusiastic speaker that delivers this talk very well. Even if you have used PHPCS in the past like I had, you should be able to get some new insights out of this talk

Great talk! A lot of the stuff I already feel and have experienced incl. the problems, some of the solutions and I really liked the fact that finally someone compressed them and gave a big list of things you can improve and how.

Great talk! Next year I'd like to see him as a keynote speaker.

I loved it! A lot of times I wanted to learn these things, so that I am able to know how they work, but also use the Symfony components separately, rather than in the whole bundle that's the framework. Could be cleaned and made more fluent.

Nice talk, I've seen it in the more extended(slower) version, it was really good, now it was just because of nerves and it went really fast. Would be great to extend it with more examples and use cases.

Explaining the generic ideas, not too technical, good for beginners.

Great for more advanced developers used to the idea of testing. I found it really really helpful and it gave me nice insights. I suggest leaving it like this(more advanced talk) and refining it even more.

Too generic, good for beginners, but more details and depth would be great!