It’s that time of the year again!


Debugging PHP Applications
Workshop by David Buchmann
Making Async Applications
Workshop by Christopher Pitt
Building Autonomous Services
Workshop by Matthias Noback
Demystifying Object-Oriented Programming
Workshop by Alena Holligan
Exploiting the brain for fun and profit
Keynote by Alena Holligan
Disco – A fresh look at DI
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
The Science of Code Reviews
Talk by Rick Kuipers
Coding Horrors: A Horror Film Fan’s Guide to PHP Coding Nightmares (UNCON)
Talk by Mark Baker
Don’t work for PHPCS, make PHPCS work for you
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer
The Myth Of Reusability And Other OOP Lies (UNCON)
Talk by Benjamin Cremer
The Test Suite Holy Trinity
Talk by Dave Liddament
Does the SPL still have any relevance in the Brave New World of PHP7?
Talk by Mark Baker
Learning Machine Learning
Talk by Joel Lord
Challenges deploying PHP apps on multi node docker swarm
Talk by Ike Devolder
Technically DDD
Talk by Pim Elshoff
Practical privacy - GDPR explained
Talk by Marcus Bointon
Year with event sourcing and CQRS
Talk by Miro Svrtan
Refactoring, the third commandment
Talk by Nicola Pietroluongo
Building teams, what can we learn from professional sports
Talk by Hans Dubois
Advanced debugging techniques
Talk by Patrick Allaert
Immutability to Save an Ever-Changing World
Talk by Andrew Cassell
Symfony Internals
Workshop by Andreas Hucks
Monads in PHP
Talk by Christopher Pitt
Automating your Jenkins jobs (UNCON)
Talk by Toni Van de Voorde
Short story about how to design using tests (UNCON)
Talk by Leszek Prabucki
Content Security Policies: Let’s Break Stuff
Talk by Matt Brunt
Anonymous Classes: Behind the Mask
Talk by Mark Baker
The Docker development template for PHP
Talk by Jan Burkl
Json Web Tokens in microservice architectures (UNCON)
Talk by Jens Segers
2nd hardest thing in computer science
Talk by Pawel Lewtak
Proactive web security
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Crafting Quality PHP Applications
Talk by James Titcumb
Handling Media in a Laravel App (UNCON)
Talk by Freek Van der Herten