Talk comments

Nadia Sala at 11:53 on 16 May 2019

I really enjoyed this talk and I find that Michelle is a great speaker. The topic was interesting and very well explained both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.
In my opinion the talk could be enriched with comparisons or examples of integration in other frameworks.

Nadia Sala at 11:50 on 16 May 2019

The talk was very interesting, full of ideas and explained really well by Derik, as always.
He covered all the news of xdebug3, its engine "under the hood" and well introduced its use.
I think this talk was fantastic both for people who already use xdebug and for beginners.

Nadia Sala at 11:45 on 16 May 2019

Very interesting and well covered topic; for me some concepts were a little difficult to understand because I don't manage them every day but a good step to carry on.
In my opinion the explanation was too fast, perhaps it would be better to adapt the talk based on the time available

Nice to know the story behind some features and seeing the latest news directly from the "creator". The message that we need to focus on the end and not on the medium is important, and it must be widespread especially among young people.
Only one regret: not having the courage to ask for a selfie ... still developing in 5.x.

A little too rapid as a presentation but interesting the methods used to collect the data and the results obtained.

Perfect as always. Now I will concentrate on not releasing new versions so as not to break BC, or maybe not ;-)
Ciao from Pordenone

it is always important to remember that our thinking (the content of a variable) can be a limited part of reality (the values that are assigned) and therefore we must prepare for the worst.

I had already seen the method and in fact it cannot be learned in an hour. For such a short time it is better to highlight the main advantages of its use.

It is important to know that you are on the right path to solve problems, but the Problem is being able to be followed!

What an amazing workshop gave by the speaker, was brilliant the way he simplified a complex workshop with easy examples and hands-on.

But, there was a part of the presentation (the OpCodes/OpCache) that was really difficult to understand, even with graphs and examples.

Apart from that, clap clap on the work.