Talk comments

Phil Mobbs at 00:21 on 15 Apr 2018

Really enjoyed the talk and have taken away a few ideas on how to work more efficiently with our team.

The presentation had a clear design and the information was well presented.

Phil Mobbs at 00:19 on 15 Apr 2018

An interesting talk on git GUIs, particularly liked the idea of using git source tree to monitor project/developer progress to detect potential issues early on.

A possible improvement could be slightly less cluttered slides.

Every project would benefit from the concept. Lots of good suggestions. E.g. write your tools in the same language you're working with.

To improve...

I think this was a full length talk. For lighting talk I would have kept to talking about the principles and left out the actual implementation as you didn't have time to do it justice. It would make a great full length talk and we'd love you to present it at PHPSW sometime!

Great talk. Well delivered. Lots of valid points about things I've not really thought about (e.g. what times are people making commits, are they working all night, etc).

I think you might have convinced a CLI dinosaur like me to look into source tree!

My only tip for improvement is to slim down the talk.

Good talk. I liked the delivery. Something a little different that worked really well for a lightning talk.

As others have mentioned maybe a different picture for each story. I'd have also liked a quick summary at the end too. Just a 1 liner from each story to remind everyone of the valuable take aways.

Great job.

Good slides. Good delivery. Good content.

A few minor points for improvement:

A massive con for writing your own framework was missing: security. The major frameworks will have been reviewed for security problems and vulnerabilities by many people. Rolling your own it's just you. (Admittedly mistakes still happen e.g. recent Drupal bug).

Also for non trivial projects the business logic should be decoupled from the framework. Once you've decoupled code from framework the choice of framework (or not) becomes less of an issue. I feel this is not emphasised enough in the industry generally. Talks about frameworks should, IMHO, at least mention this in passing.

Good talk, well delivered

As an organiser I always get a bit worried when a live demo starts, however Martin's was well prepared and worked really well.

To improve: Maybe a quick explanation as to how the Bulk Loader speeded things up.

Great talk. Clear slides. I loved the premise.

To help with explaining the code bits you could have a slides that but a border around the section of code you're talking about (or highlight it in some other way).

Great talk. Entertaining and well delivered.

I liked the analysis of the pros and then a few slides later how they were cons. Also loved the link back to how this is what happened in the 90s.

I'd love to see a full length version of this talk.

David Lumm at 10:08 on 12 Apr 2018

I'm new here. I'm not sure whether he was drunk or whether he's always that unfocused. He was definitely winging it, but the payoff was just about worth it. Very funny at times, but a little structure might've helped.