Talk comments

Sandy Smith at 10:14 on 1 Jun 2023

Great talk, well-delivered, with practical examples of the sorts of problems value objects solve as well as how to implement them, even on frameworks not designed with them in mind.


Frank Wallen at 19:30 on 22 May 2023

Thanks for fitting all that good info into a short period!

Frank Wallen at 19:29 on 22 May 2023

Well organized, nicely presented. This was a great introduction and encouragement to use TDD!

Frank Wallen at 19:25 on 22 May 2023

Great talk! Always love learning new things from another dev's workflow and insights!

Talk was okay, a little hard to relate to, and the presentation was not very smooth. The group activity was confusing what we were doing at first, needed more clarity and direction, although with it being a keynote it felt a bit out of place to do breakouts by table. We built an algorithm, but felt relying on this missed one's overall goals and direction in life.

Good talk with excellent insights on immutability, value objects, and coding principles. Left with some concrete take-aways.

Good talk, made good arguments for the value of bringing core skills to the workplace, and why work life balance should be supported by employers.

Went much deeper into UUIDs than I ever thought possible. Very insightful and interesting talk about all the intricacies of UUIDs. Great talk Ben!

Great talk on SOLID principles with good examples. Loved the simplified analysis of how some principles are smells of violating 2 core principles. Good work Cori!