Talk comments

Anonymous at 08:28 on 27 Oct 2011

You convinced me to leave the dark side an com into the light. ;-) It was a eyeopener and I will contribute, the one way, or another. Many thx and the talk itself was very fluently and encouraging.

I'm really happy to have so much good feedbacks. Thank you very much all :)

Although Stefan, and even more so, Christian are good speakers and Christian's opening monologue about Germany vs England was very interesting, I didn't like the talk. Maybe it's a Dutch thing, but I a don't enjoy pretentious talks.
I think the underlying idea was good - how you and/or your company can benefit from embracing Open Source - the execution for me was a bit unpleasant.
Again it's probably the Dutch "Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg" mentality (literally: "Just act normal, then you're acting crazy enough as it is"), but maybe next time you can talk about each other's accomplishments.
In my opinion It should have been more about The Community = Us and less about you guys.

Fabien has a very unique style thats just the right for a keynote.
Also that git push during the talk was awesome, how much did you pay the guy for asking the question? :)

on TBA

I think the pressure on this talk was quite big, since many people are looking for documentation. So as a result this talk was overburdened with showing everything that the AdminBundle can do. I actually did like your attempt to show related code in different boxes on a single slide, but maybe the approach needs to do a better job at highlighting (and greying out) each of the boxes as you go through to explain them.

Also of course its always harder to give presentations in a foreign language. Just keep doing it and things will become more and more fluent.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this talk and I think you did a great job covering all the bases on the topic. Generally I am a big fan of the speaker duo approach. Its a pitty that many conferences discourage this because it obviously costs them a bit extra to accommodate two speakers.

Would have liked to see some more concrete examples, maybe condense the high level part of the talk down a bit to give more room for showing some more code and concrete best practices :)

Solid presentation, especially given that this was your first talk it was very fluent and you presented with much energy. I also agree that it was a good decision to explain closures as their use is not widely known enough yet in the PHP world.

Subject matter was very much on point and should be considered "required reading" for any new developers getting involved with Symfony2. I agree with some observations above that Richard seemed self-conscious at times, but I don't think that detracted from the presentation.

I was very satisfied with Richard's handling of my impromptu "what about interface injection?" question. It was clear from his answer that he participated in the community discussion about the subject months ago.

I think this presentation was a good complement to Richard's DIC talk later in the afternoon. Appreciating SoC is vital to embracing Symfony2 and understanding how and why it functions.

The call to pragmatism is also something hard to argue with. I'm particularly interested in learning about how Sensio uses their own framework (for this reason, I love seeing the bundles you guys publish), and it's clear that a pragmatic approach is valued there.