Talk comments

Very good talk. Clear. Effective

Good talk. Offered real clarity on the difference between mocks and stubs. Thanks!

Nicely done. Well organized and effective. Jen, itwould be good to be able to answer the question of what Jquery modules (if any) might be added to Foundation to bring it closer to Bootstrap functionality.

Very informative and useful talk.

Larry has put this in better words than I possibly could. You had a couple really good selling points in there like 'all octopress sites look the same' and 'jekyll include templates are a pain to work with' that I felt people in the room nodding their heads to. It's *not* just another NIH project.

Sculpin has a lot to offer over existing static site generators. You just need to show more excitement so that the audience will be more excited.

Content was good and Sculpin looks interesting. The delivery needs some work, though. Main thing: Don't be so modest! It's a cool project with good features. Act like it. :-)

This was the most useful session of the conference for me (along with Sara's other talk). I went from having no knowledge of or interest in HHVM to thinking it should be the basis of PHP-next. That's quite an achievement! Now if only I could get clients to use it...

I loved the dive inside the engine, especially the performance optimizations in 5.4. More PHP devs need to understand what's going on under the hood, even if they never touch C code.

Good information, but not a great deal I'd not heard before. Delivery was good, but a little dry.