True North PHP is a community-driven conference in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is geared towards PHP developers and enthusiasts.


Foundations of PHP
Workshop by Beth Tucker Long
Build your first Symfony 2 Application
Workshop by Stefan Koopmanschap
Continuous Integration in PHP
Workshop by Keith Casey
Intro to Laravel
Talk by Derek Martin
Community Works for business too
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
SQL or NoSQL that's the question
Talk by Majid Fatemian
Silex: An implementation detail
Talk by Igor
Securing your REST API
Talk by Chris Cornutt
How Silex and Cilex became the glue for a media transcoding application
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap
Hack your team, your department, and your organization for the greater good
Talk by John Mertic
Four web technologies you should be looking at now!
Talk by John Mertic
PHP in 2013: generators, and password hashing, and finally (oh my!)
Talk by Adam Harvey
Open source, PHP, and PIE
Talk by Larry Garfield
Essential Git for Developers
Talk by Adam Culp
Continuous Integration in Real Life
Talk by Beth Tucker Long
The HttpKernelInterface is a lie
Talk by Igor
Nuts and bolts of profiling and optimization
Talk by Mark Story
Moving to a Service Oriented Architecture from tightly coupled applications
Talk by Xavier Briand
PHP Azure, a bright new day!
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
Continuous Testing
Talk by Eric Hogue
Open Sourcing Mental Illness
Talk by Ed Finkler
Static Sites With Sculpin
Talk by Beau Simensen
Functional PHP
Talk by Larry Garfield
An Introduction to Browser Scripting and the DOM
Talk by Matt McDonald
UA Testing With Selenium and PHPUnit
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam