Talk comments

Claire Janke: Thanks for the late feedback! Very awesome to hear the talk was helpful for you.

I really enjoyed this talk! It broke down making a video game, something that I wanted to do but always felt intimidated by, into a something feasible. Also, I felt that there was a good balance between the technical and nontechnical problems of making a game. Hearing about the development of the game’s design and the unexpected problems that could arise (the perils of user testing!) was really informative and interesting.

Great reminder to take a step back sometimes and really focus on making the small details better instead of just worrying about large architectural design decisions. Talk was easy to understand, spoken loudly and clearly, and the live coding was super impressive! I think I might have liked the live coding better if it was broken into more distinct sections though, maybe separated by a slide or some sort of break. I found it hard to focus later in the straight 45 minute block of coding. Some of the smaller design improvements felt like more a matter of personal taste rather than strictly better style, but I did like seeing the thought process.

As someone who often uses templates at work but had never really thought about them, this talk was eye-opening. I had a huge “ohhhhhh” moment when Smarty templates were mentioned, since that’s what we use and I hadn’t realized they were generated templates (oops). Lots of great concrete tips and strategies for better templates, as well as a quick overview of some of the culture / debate surrounding them which was interesting. Great talk!

Tons and tons of helpful information, yet not at all overwhelming because of the thoughtful structuring. Starting at the beginning of building the real time data pipeline and watching the gradual improvements in the efficiency was super rewarding, and I liked seeing the process behind the design decisions. Great use of humor as well and very entertaining!

I think this was one of the best organized talks that I attended. The structure of question -> axiom -> level in the Richardson Maturity model was very logical and consistent throughout. Starting with a very basic API (maybe one that only needs to last a short period) and building to a more complicated one designed to be reused for the long term made a lot of sense and I think worked really well with the structuring. Very thoughtful and I learned a lot!

This was the talk I was most excited about prior to the conference and probably my favorite. Well presented with lots of great statistics and practical action items. Since the talk I've gotten in touch with my manager, who reached out to HR, and the ball is rolling on getting more official policies in place. I'm also signed up for mental health training in January! Super inspiring and awesome talk.

I'm impressed by how much information you managed to fit in! I agree with the other comments that it might have been nice to have this as a longer talk, but even considering that I thought you had a lot of good examples that illustrated the security flaws. I don't know as much about security as I would like, and I learned a lot from this.

I love all of your footnotes! The talk was clearly super well researched. Engaging and fun to listen to, and I thought you handled questions and comments throughout the talk very gracefully. I really liked the structuring also, where you start on the individual level and then gradually branch out to communities and online communities. It made a lot of sense and felt organic. I was kind of hoping to hear some concrete strategies on handling interactions in communities, but as you said that's probably a whole other talk so that's fine. Great talk, thanks!

I thought the voodoo intro was fun, and good humor throughout!

I think I missed the transition from "magic things to avoid" to "libraries doing magic things" so I was confused for a bit (I probably zoned out for a second because it's really clear in your slides).

I thought all the examples of the libraries were great, but it felt a little repetitive after awhile - "here's annnoother library!" - and they started running together, so I think mixing up the structure might have helped me a little.

Also thanks for introducing me to!