Talk comments

Derick gave a very interesting and very in-depth talk on Geospatial data, specifically GeoJSON. I had no familiarity with these topics before this talk but after this introduction I am excited to start working with some OpenStreetMap data sets.

Adam gave a fantastic talk on building a Laravel application from scratch using TDD. I found this talk to be very approachable for developers unfamiliar with the Laravel framework and it contained knowledge that was applicable to test-driven development in general.

Michelangelo gave a very complete and realistic perspective on the security concerns of modern web applications and is a speaker who really knows what he is talking about. I enjoyed the progressive perspective that he spoke from having to deal with the strict data security requirements in European countries. Security is a very relevant topic for all software organizations and I only wish that more developers could have seen this talk.

Andrew gave a great and very approachable talk on domain-driven design. Being new to DDD and not yet having any experience implementing it I found that this talk set me up with the actionable information that I needed to get started leveraging DDD in my code. I also appreciated the occasional humor.

Talk about an engaging speaker and a practical perspective on how to write performant PHP applications. Elizabeth gave a very opinionated perspective on the things that a developer needs to plan for when their applications need to interact with external resources such as filesystems or sockets to ensure that the application scales as the data (inevitably) does.

I took a lot of actionable knowledge away from this talk and am excited to start paying more attention to the assumptions that I and others make in our PHP code.

This talk by Ben was great and thoroughly covered the concept of UUIDs, their different forms, and where the unique traits of each form of UUID might be used in practical applications.

He is definitely an experienced speaker and took what could have been a very academic or dull topic and made it quite enjoyable and engaging.

Adam gave a fantastic talk on refactoring away from temporary variables, loops, and conditional statements towards higher order functions and collection pipelines. I found this talk to be applicable more to overall software design than to PHP alone which made the talk much more valuable.

Presentations like this that encourage PHP developers to look outside of our traditional perspectives to other languages and approaches are very important to keeping PHP a modern and viable language to develop software in.

Milan Popovic at 16:56 on 12 Nov 2016

Awesome talk - I learned a lot from this presentation.

Milan Popovic at 16:54 on 12 Nov 2016

Very good talk about speakers journey in using dependency injection. We found out much about Laravel container, why it is good and how to use to use it.

Milan Popovic at 16:51 on 12 Nov 2016

Clean, smooth talk, covering all the essential aspects of a topic with appropriate amount of details.