Talk comments

Thanks for the advice all! I was wary of my accent before I started and when I relax I need to pay more attention to it.

Didn't have a go at devs who didn't go tu Uni though, as far as I'm aware, just said it would be more likely with tuition fee increases in the UK but maybe lost in translation :-)

Anonymous at 19:15 on 15 Nov 2013

Good talk, great advice. Accent was difficult at points and speaker might need more practice, sometimes the talk just seemed like random tidbits, didn't always fit together and a crack about developers who didn't study at uni seemed a bit rude. Interesting stuff though, lots of discussion about this one.

Anonymous at 19:12 on 15 Nov 2013

Good talk, touches a lot points just enough and then moves on. Doesn't go deep into any one area and other reviews have mentioned the question responses, which (in her defense) were to pointed questions on a touchy subject. Solid talk, just felt a little flat, missing something to push it over the edge to great...

Anonymous at 19:06 on 15 Nov 2013

Really interesting topic but ran too short. Speaker seemed very nervous, was very obvious which was sad because he was actually doing a really good job. Still, promising subject and promising speaker.

Anonymous at 19:00 on 15 Nov 2013

I enjoyed it, even the pen and paper parts. The slides were wonderful illustrations of the techniques themselves. I would only work on the delivery, especially your use of voice: vary it more and the talk will be much improved.

Anonymous at 18:59 on 15 Nov 2013

Good intro, surprisingly funny. The first half was very good, the second wandered a bit, maybe tighten it up a little.

Great keynote, great slides, great advice. Even slightly emotional with the hat!
Truly inspiring

A great intro talk with really good slides presenting clear examples. It would have been nice just to mention the spriting ability that compass has even if you don't go into it much as that is one of my favourite things about compass and is a great selling point if people are unsure about using sass and compass or not.

Really great to see examples like the rocket of crazy things that you can do with sass should you want to.
Are you going to be posting your slides link anywhere? I'd like to send them round the office

A great talk, really interesting and nice to hear someone share their experiences and "tell it like it is".

You seemed to bounce between looking at your laptop, briefly looking at the audience before turning to talk to your slides, a bit like a 2d game character that can't make up it's mind which direction to go in :-P
Maybe have your laptop more in front of you so that you can face it and the audience at the same time and pretty much ignore the large screen behind you.

I understood you fine but then I lived in Leeds for a quite a while, so for this setting you definitely need to slow down a little bit.
Great talk though, lots of really good advice!

Nice intro talk that shows maybe I should spend a bit more time trying to get puppet to be nice to me :-)
No one would have guessed it was your first time speaking, the presentation style was really clear and seemed well rehearsed. Some of the text was a bit hard to read though, such as the red on black.
Otherwise really good, thanks :-)