Talk comments

Anonymous at 23:23 on 11 Oct 2015

Fantastic talk. It was interesting to hear about some of the less well publicised PSRs that hopefully should be coming our way soon

Good and clear talk! Too bad it was only 15 minutes...

Thank you all very much for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to say such nice things, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :-)

There's a reason this was a keynote talk - it was EXCELLENT.
It's not often you get to be so involved with a talk. Highlight of the event for me.

Late in the day on Day 2 - started to loose me by the end. Liked the interactive nature of the talk with twitter questions coming in through the middle of it.

This was a very relaxed and entertaining talk from ElizabethN. the talk flowed nicely from point to point and I walked away feeling like - "yeah why the hell don't write about what I do"

Very nice talk - not what I was expecting at all. Far more engaging. Marcus is obviously very comfortable standing infornt of a room full of people as well.

Some of the ideas such as the Invisble Feedback are topics that are very relevant to my current work - very worthwhile.

Only downside - Can't download the slides as PDF from slideshare.

Nice overview of the subject and overall a good talk, but the examples of multiple configurations started to lose me a bit.

It all got a bit repetative with the same XML config file being shown over and over again with only minor change

Excellent idea. Geeks aren't naturally social animals so a bit of beer always helps. It's also much easier to approach a speaker in the bar rather than between events when you feel like your interrupting them.

Great location by the way - it was only 322ft from my hotel.

Nice talk illustrating the problem and possible methodologies for getting around them.