Talk comments

I was already familiar with webhooks but didn't get bored at all. One of the best speakers at the conference. Well done!

Great tips! Clear, funny, and entertaining.

Peter Fox at 00:29 on 14 Jun 2019

I struggled to follow this talk a lot of the time. It didn't help that at points code was being demoed that was too small on the screen, in future you might want to play around with the Presentation mode in PHPStorm (I seem to remember you were using PHPStorm anyways). Also in the slides there was often grey text on red backgrounds which I found myself needing to focus on a lot to read, there needs to be a more striking different or it won't show as well on some displays.

I felt like there wasn't a narrative or much of a take away from the talk which is a shame because I think the subject matter is very interesting.

Peter Fox at 00:25 on 14 Jun 2019

As someone who's studied data mining academically it was fun to see a practical talk in feeling your way around the subject and the discovering of the right options to get the end results you wanted. This is something I personally want to involve more in products. I'm not sure if the fruit examples were that great as I got a bit lost at points, I think swapping from your original subject of the chargebacks to the fruit through me a bit. I got there eventually though.

All in all, well presented, friendly and engaging feel makes it easy to listen to.

Peter Fox at 00:15 on 14 Jun 2019

Understandably a complex topic. I'd already played with the Spatie package for event sourcing and seen talks on that so I will admit it was hard not to zone out a little. I found the talk a bit too focused on the theory and it might have been better to see an example of a project using it fully. Might be worth maybe diagraming the workflows of how event sourcing works as it's a topic can benefit from more visual representations.

Peter Fox at 00:11 on 14 Jun 2019

A good talk with lots of good examples. I like that you talked about how you analysed the code to find the answer for things rather than just presented the problem and solution. Such as pointing out how you would dive into the commits to see why something was added.

Just seeing the "if return true, else return true" was sadly on the nose because I've literally seen it within the last year.

Maybe went a bit too fast at points when presenting but understandably there was a lot to cover.

Peter Fox at 00:06 on 14 Jun 2019

Well presented and clearly communicated. The only thing I would say is that maybe it would be better to focus on particular topics within the talk and dive deeper into that, such as caching rather than doing a more surface layer over everything, I feel like a lot of devs know of what these things are when it comes to scale but want a bit more info on what to go with or where the pitfalls of using such technologies are.

Vincent DAVID at 09:54 on 13 Jun 2019

Thank you Nuno for your talk. I am new in the php and Laravel community and did not know PHP STAN and PHP INSIGHT. Every developper should know them.

Roussetos at 08:15 on 13 Jun 2019

Great talk, pace, funny, to the point with proper suggestions and nice practices.
Even seasoned developers that handle webhooks the way Lorna suggests, would have enjoyed the talk and also be reassured that others follow same approaches.
Lorna showed and shared her true appreciation for technology and her experience and got the message through.

Peter Fox at 20:32 on 12 Jun 2019

Loved the interactiveness of the talk. Not sure if I came away with anything too new from the talk or anything that was actionable in future projects but it was fun and very engaging. I feel like maybe it would have been good to see more of the demo built during the talk, not as a code demo particularly but seeing more of it as an example. It wasn't clear how things were built at all points.