Talk comments

By recommending and describing the merits of one way to use git, the speaker was able to cover many of the basic and intermediate points about git in a natural way that connected the use of several git commands (rather than just listing them and their functions). The speaker also made great use of graphics (e.g. dropping eggs from a building for bi-secting) and pre-recorded demos, for which she gave excellent running commentary, that made following along easy and enjoyable. This was an ideal git talk.

Corey Halpin at 13:08 on 10 Dec 2018

The first part of the tutorial describing the ecosystem of providers that RingCentral sits in was informative, well-organized, and well presented.

However, the demonstration of how to use the RingCentral APIs was ... pretty rough. In the future, rather than pasting together demo code from a number of template files during the tutorial (including a bit of debugging and FTP-ing code up to a server), I might suggest preparing the code in advance and just walking the audience through how it works. If the code needs to live in index.php to work, maybe consider creating demo_01.php, demo_02.php, etc files and then doing 'ln -sf demo_N.php index.php' to activate the Nth demo.

I also would have appreciated more interactive elements to break up the time -- audience participation, discussion, small group projects for us to work on, or something like that.

Pauline Vos at 03:47 on 8 Nov 2018

I thought this was a really fun way to still share a fair amount of information that would've otherwise been hard to land after a whole day of conference talk. Great choice for an end-of-day talk.

Nick Escobedo at 13:31 on 7 Nov 2018

Really broke down the content well in manageable chunks.

Good understanding of the content and well explained!

Nick Escobedo at 13:30 on 7 Nov 2018

Didn't understand much. Not sure if it was me or the speaker. My knowledge of machine learning is minimal.
The speaker was passionate, knowledgeable, and happy!

Nick Escobedo at 13:28 on 7 Nov 2018

Very knowledge and good information!

Nick Escobedo at 13:27 on 7 Nov 2018

Speaker was knowledgeable.

Didn't appear to have material for most of the second part of tutorial.
Relied mostly on questions, but there weren't many questions.

Snow L at 00:13 on 7 Nov 2018

The workshop was excellent and helpful. As a person who always has anxiety on communication, I was worried about taking this interactive workshop, but then I found I really enjoyed it. Debbie introduced some practical communication skills and gave the corresponding specific tips. It was also enjoyable to practice these skills with a stranger. Great workshop!

Bob Lindner at 16:55 on 5 Nov 2018

Great way to kick off the day. An interesting overview and reminder of how we all got here!

Bob Lindner at 16:52 on 5 Nov 2018

Great overview with some good practical points of interest.