Talk comments

Interesting subject, well presented. I'll certainly try some of the techniques you talked about.

You seem like a natural at this. Although I doubt that a lot of geeks want to see this kind of information presented, for me it was the best and most inspiring talk of the day! Thanks a lot, great job!

Nice speach! Beforehand I thought it would look a bit more hands-on and hoped you would address who finally decides if code is getting into the project or not. The way you present sparks interest and can mentioned as very inspirational. Certainly like to see more or these talks. Great job on this one!

We realised the opening in just Dutch was not the way to go, only afterwards. We fixed that in the closing ;-)

Thanks for all the comments, we will do better next year :-)

on Opening

this talk was full of good tips but there were a couple of things I might recommend you do differently next time. First of all, find a way to link your points together in a story. It started out really well but then turned into a list. secondly, now you have lots of advice, just share that with the audience. I felt terribly responsible for providing the content of the talk and would rather see you share what you know with authority than be trying to make an audience cooperate. I'm sure we didn't say much that you don't already know so feel free to give the advice as your own!

I enjoyed the story and for me the highlight was the list of things you learned, this would have made a great punchline! Don't be afraid to speak a bit slower, your accent isn't a problem but a more measured pace would help those who don't use Welsh English on a daily basis to "tune in"

I was very surprised to see the intro in Dutch, without even the housekeeping information given in English. As the first speaker to take the stage, it was very weird to not realise they had finished talking and it was my turn.

on Opening