Talk comments

Very nice talk. Good analogies. Perhaps more energy?

Interesting talk about what sort of lessons there were to learn from marketing Twittex.
It was well presented and honest with a few 3D time lines.
This talk make a nice change to the morning of heavy coding talks.

After this talk I wanted to go home and have a go at Drupal. Very good introduction to the system and I have already installed it onto one of my test servers and remembered a couple of the things from the talk.
The guys did a good job of doing it all live, although I'm sure they had done this before ;)

Highly interesting, although somewhat speculative, talk about HTML 5. Smylers was enthusiastic and covered the subject very well. Put across a good case for having HTML 5. Answered the question I had at the end without the need for me to ask it! :)

Anonymous at 19:20 on 25 Nov 2008

I'll be honest, I found this talk a bit boring. Maybe it's because I already know about the subject, but I found a lot of his points very obvious and simple.

I did however enjoy talking to Stefan after his talk, especially the small talk about Symfony.

Anonymous at 19:18 on 25 Nov 2008

I'll honest, I found this talk a bit strange. Not what I expected at all. The only parts I found remotely interesting were some of the debug tools she used.

However, the real let down was to have a 40 minute lecture that told me that PHP is slow compared to a compiled language like Java. Well, duurrr?

Anonymous at 19:16 on 25 Nov 2008

I've been a user for Symfony for a good 6 months now, but this presentation really peaked my interest in Zend and I will be having a dabble in the near future. Very good introduction.

Anonymous at 19:14 on 25 Nov 2008

Very good panel. Interesting to here from some of the core PHP staff and their plans for PHP in the future. I for one had my eyes open to what PHP actually is.

Nice food. Free drinks were good :) Music was too loud, though.

Great wrap up to the conference.

Music was too loud. Other than that, great to meet people and prices seemed okay.