Talk comments

Derick mentioned KCacheGrind as a Linux application for viewing xdebug's profiling output. As KDE4 runs also on Windows it is possible to run KCacheGrind on this platform as well.

Thanks all for the feedback.

I've already updated to add some of the questions from Fiona that were made during the talk and a little bit more on the QA side to include what happens on the bug tracker.

A real thought provoker. Not hard core technical but it shone a spotlight on the way we solve problems and manage risk.

Given such a small amount of time, Steve did a great job of showing just how fast you can get a simple web application off the ground with Yii. I am certainly interested and am looking at using it for some projects I have coming up.

The only criticism I have is perhaps Steve being a little unprepared for some of the questions. Anyone could go find out at the website but we're all far too lazy for that, especially just after lunch! :P

I think this kind of talk is much better suited to an hour at least where you can break up the copy-pasting with further information but we can't have everything now can we?

All in all, a great talk about what appears to be a great framework. Good job, Steve!

A great talk and delivered with great effect. The friendly banter and heckling just shows the very genuine, human side of the guys behind PHP.

A great talk and an important subject for many I am certain. Well delivered.

A good talk with plenty of interesting tips, especially regarding emails. Already started applying some of the items you mentioned - like having a clear and concise subject and including a short summary on my larger emails.

I already knew of the Joel Test prior to Lorna's talk but I was very interested by her thoughts on applying it to PHP development.

A very good subject by a very good speaker.

What a fantastic start to the day! The keynote was delivered superbly by Kevlin and he did a very good job of keeping the audience engaged.

Despite lacking in PHP, his ideas, experience and advice are relevant to all areas of development, not just in PHP.

An excellent talk that showcased some features that I didn't know were in XDebug. It wasn't too technical either so there was no brain-fatigue afterwards.

Derick is an excellent speaker and kept me interested throughout.