Talk comments

Great talk, great style and funny, learnt a thing or two too.

Thrilled to bits to find a graph database talk, Michelle covered some of the theory and bravely (and successfully) demoed neo4j in action.

Loved the presentation style.

A small bit of constructive feedback, I would have like to have had a slide or two cover some "Graph Theory" that explain some of the additional practical uses for network graphs - but that's a personal preference

Lots of stuff covered, but realised GAE wasn't really what I was expecting half way through (not that it was Michele's fault).

Some examples would have been good too.

Good work Glen, very detailed and lots of practical advice.

Hmmm, I'm afraid there was just too much stuff packed into the time and for me didn't do any one thing real justice.

Which is a shame because Pablo clearly knows his stuff.

Perhaps trimming down and going into more detail on fewer topics would be a something to consider ?

Great much needed reminder for all, kind of thing we all need a refresher on now and again.

Lots to cover and dig a great job, plenty of thoughts to take away and explain further.

Bags of passion, loads of good points.

I'd advise Jenny to have a look at some of the CAMS work done in the Devops community (bringing Devs and Ops together)

Well done mate, brave talk, difficult subject. Reminiscent of a talk at devopsdays last November.

Good luck for 2015

Great presentation considering you were first on.

Good overview, would like to see a longer version with examples.

Loads of great content and tonnes of preparation done by Andreas.

Covered a lot about using docker, felt I was missing a bit on how I would have started from scratch as everything was setup, but that would have probably taken the whole afternoon, so made sense once up and running.

Only constructive feedback I'd give was when working through the examples Andreas started to show the solution, as the output from the commands was quite lengthy I got lost unsure what the next steps in the exercise was and what command he had just run. Think a short handout/pdf for the exercises would have really helped.

Other than that is was a really good session and learnt a tonne.