Talk comments

Interesting topic, well presented.
First class presentation skills.

Great talk, good content and a good reminder on that Design Patterns are not the holy grail.

Good overview. Nice to hear thewriter of awesome software.

This was really informative!
I only just watched it on video.

Found it especially helpful on the stuff regarding view helpers as we are using them all over the place at work.

Nice one, Rob. :) Looking forward to ZF2 in Action!

Just watched the talk on vimeo (

Great talk, easily understandable (important for me, as I'm not a native English speaker), with a very good flow - not fast, not slow, just the perfect pace.

The topic itself is great, loved the tips on the application config, the custom Zend_View and the Zend_Loader::loadFile method.

Thanks for the talk Rob and also to the PHPUK for making the videos available!

While I did not attend the conference, I must say, from the video, this presentation was excellent. Learning more about ZeroMQ has been on my todo list for months as I've played with it a little bit; however, I needed this presentation to bring home a few of the messaging patterns outlined.

The code examples are much appreciated and very useful when watching this presentation after-the-fact.

Well done.

Didn't attend the conference, so didn't see the talk. ;-(

But love the slides. Some excellent links to usable resources and some very useful ZF-specific ideas.

Thanks, Rob, for this and for all you do for the ZF community. Someday I'll actually attend one of your talks. ;-)

Worst talk of the day - terrible - boring, badly presented, too much detail, not useful. Didn't learn anything useful from it.

Yes - the topics covered were interesting, and I'm sure this guy knows his stuff - but it was irrelevant based on the subject of the talk. Overall, very poor.

Enjoyed this presentation - well thought out and well delivered