Talk comments

Anonymous at 18:12 on 24 Jun 2013

I'm reviewing my notes from the conf, and I must say I really see the childish behavior on daily basis. Wearing op hat for a while brings a totally different perspective

Great. Right information with good presentation.

Topic is great, but Jordi need to speak more clearly intonation need to be strongly. I think talk was too flat to keep audience alive.

Great talk. Steve is very communicative and know how to keep attention of a crowd.

Nice introduction to Elastic Search

Great talks with lot of quality information. I want more talk like this one.

I expected more from this talk.

Very informative and clear introduction in REST services for beginners.

It's always great to see folks from FB coming out into the community and sharing their tools and experiences.

The talk was very well structured and explained the ideas and goals of FBMock.