Talk comments

Excellent talk, and way to soldier on with all the power outage distraction stuff! I know you were rushed for time anyway but I'd love to see a tutorial-style presentation of the first dozen or so applied to a "typical" mid-level enterprise Apache configuration...sort of like a "refactoring/design patterns" seminar.

Great talk... Installing Xdebug and webgrind on my dev server now...

on Xdebug

@patrick.schwisow I explained at the beginning of the presentation that I will focus my talk on Doctrine 1. I'm sorry that the content did not match your expectations.

It was nice and to the point. Great for closing remarks. My only critique would be the blue projector screen in the background instead of just throwing up a logo or something. But that is just being picky.

loved the talk - when working with other communities it reminds me of the saying "why can't we all just get along?" I will have to say though that the php community rocks!!

Haven't done much with flex - but nice to have an idea of how it can be used.

good overview of the tools available for mobile development - yet another thing on my list

Good presentation - great job dealing with the power outage, and just plowing ahead in the dark by laptop light!

It was nice to hear some examples of what others have been doing with Drupal. We have been using drupal for quite a few client sites, but haven't done any dev on top of it yet. It's nice to hear that it's fairly easy to get something up and running!