Talk comments

Ryan Howe at 10:20 on 6 Jun 2018

This was a great presentation on taking a more group focused approach to the interview process. This gelled for me a lot of issues that I had with the way that my organization performs interviews that I felt were wrong but was not able to articulate or see a better path to achieve. I would recommend this to anyone who is involved in the hiring process to see.

Ryan Howe at 10:16 on 6 Jun 2018

I think that this was a very interesting presentation that I will be sharing with my own CTO. Just having a view at a full technology stack implementation and the thoughts behind the choices and seeing how those choices panned out was a very informative view.

Ryan Howe at 10:14 on 6 Jun 2018

This was a great presentation. I really think that I got a lot of ideas to bring back to my organization to share and try and implement.

Ryan Howe at 10:10 on 6 Jun 2018

Very good presentation. The design pattern is a great pattern to consider and the code sampled where great.

Ryan Howe at 09:58 on 6 Jun 2018

This was a great demonstration of different command line tools. Thought that the examples were very good and that this was a great way to get introduced to running code on the command line with interactions for the user

Ryan Howe at 09:33 on 6 Jun 2018

Very relevant workshop for all levels. It is important to realize the savings we get now that we parameterize queries, use templeting engines to escape output and under no circumstances trust our users! Very good examples and code, highly recommend this workshop for all levels as a refresher or intro

Clark Everetts at 19:54 on 5 Jun 2018

@Dave_Liddament: Thanks very much for this useful feedback. People, this is why speakers love it when you provide feedback. We need and do act upon it!

Dave Liddament at 17:29 on 5 Jun 2018

A great first conference talk. Christian clearly had a passion for the topic and that showed in the delivery.

My suggestion for improvement would be to shorten the introduction and spend more time on the lessons learned.

Great talk and I look forward to seeing you speak at another conference soon.

Dave Liddament at 17:19 on 5 Jun 2018

I like the idea behind the talk and some of the points raised were interesting. The speaker clearly had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject.

A few thoughts on making an even better talk...

I would have preferred more time to see the demo in action. Even if it had worked we were low on time by the start of the demo.

Unfortunately the live demo gremlins struck. I would recommend recording demos (e.g. using tools like QuickTime) ahead of time and then playback the video in the talk. This massively reduces the risk of the live demo. I've seen a number of other speakers use this technique. If demos are long then break them down into several steps so that people can ask questions between each step or you can emphasise points that are important.

Another minor improvement: I thought some of the slides were a bit text heavy. Perhaps reduce some of the slides to headline bullets. I'm also not sure if the slides with PHP code really added much. Essentially you were just making an HTTP request. The fact a simple HTTP request is all that is required is interesting. The code to do it is less interesting; perhaps reference a github repo or similar for those who are unsure of how to do this.

The topic is very interesting and with a bit of polishing this will be a 5 star talk.

Sal Ferrarello at 09:31 on 5 Jun 2018

This look at the ethical choices that advancing technology will bring is thought-provoking, engaging, and darkly humorous. Great stuff.