Talk comments

Derrick, I looked into your slides to look something to test and shift the time to test but found nothing, can you please advise on how to do tests with time in mind? Thanks. [email protected]

Super entertaining and great way to wrap up. Thanks, Cal!

Redis is completely new to me so I got a lot out of this talk. I would have liked to see code examples and possible caveats, though. Great nevertheless!

The more I learn about timezones and date/time handling, the more I hate dealing with them! :) Glad to be armed with more information on the subject for the next time I have to think about it.

While others have commented that this seemed out of place as a keynote, I think that's exactly what made it a good keynote - it was informative and described a concrete solution to a real life problem, rather than just being an hour or so of entertainment. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I'm excited about where Apigility is going and seeing all of the new capabilities since it was originally introduced at ZendCon. +5 from me!

I already test the heck out of my PHP code but haven't done much with Javascript yet, so this was very informative.

I was also very pleased to see that I wasn't the only one who thought Coffeescript was an abomination. :)

My 2nd Rasmus talk and it was great as expected. The portion about deployment was very interesting and very well-timed as we've been discussing it recently at my job.

on PHP

He was not grumpy at all and didn't sound very Canadian. Possible impostor? :)

Nevertheless, great and very informative talk. I will be pushing his books and videos hard on my team because I think they'll be a huge benefit if they're anything like this talk. Very well done!

Great stuff! I knew a bit about code metrics going into this but now I'm armed with a lot more knowledge that I can use to assess quality in my new work. Thanks!