The large PHP community in Florida has organized its second annual PHP developer conference in Miami, and you're invited! We will host some of the best speakers, latest technology, and up to date news in the industry.


Continuous Integration in PHP
Workshop by Keith Casey
Workshop: Improving QA and PHP Development Projects
Workshop by Michelangelo van Dam
RESTing with Symfony2
Workshop by Lukas Kahwe Smith
Building a REST API w/ ZF2
Talk by Mike Stowe
IBM i: Fertile Ground for PHP developers
Talk by Alan Seiden
Journey to the Enterprise
Keynote by Mark Brown
Development, By The Numbers
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Get Started, Move Fast and Break Things with Symfony2
Talk by Ryan Weaver
Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4
Talk by Paul M. Jones
Application Logic Security
Talk by Ilia Alshanetsky
MySQL HA, Recovery and Load Balancing
Talk by Davey Shafik
<?php echo "Hello Worl...Ooo Shiny! How to deal with distractions.
Talk by Sean Prunka
Profiling PHP with XHProf
Talk by Jonathan Klein
Browser Eyeballing != Javascript Testing
Talk by Jordan Kasper
Git Educated About Git
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Decoupled CMS
Talk by Lukas Kahwe Smith
Algorithm, Review, Sorting
Talk by Rowan Merewood
Clean Code: Refactoring
Talk by Jeff Carouth
Open Source, PHP, and PIE
Keynote by Larry Garfield
Using Github for more than code
Talk by Elizabeth Naramore Barron
Modern PHP
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Unit testing + functional programming = <3
Talk by Alvaro Videla
Building better developers
Talk by Rowan Merewood
Iterators in PHP
Talk by Jake Smith
ZF1 - ZF2 migrations "Lessons from the field"
Talk by Clark Everetts
Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP
Talk by Derick Rethans
Don't trust your users
Talk by Chris Tankersley
UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
Doctrine, Object Persistence, and You
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Scaling Applications with RabbitMQ
Talk by Alvaro Videla
Vagrant, Puppet and Chef FTW
Talk by Thijs Feryn
Namespaces + Autoloading (PSR-0 + PSR-4)
Talk by Beau Simensen
Redis Everywhere
Talk by Ricard Clau
Hacking Wordpress, a Crash Course in Writing Plugins and Widgets
Talk by Eli White
Managing Dependencies with Composer
Talk by Beau Simensen