Talk comments

David Bisset at 12:19 on 1 Mar 2019

I have added the slides to the talk description above. Thank you! Ping me @dimensionmedia on Twitter if you need anything further.

Hernan Leon at 11:36 on 1 Mar 2019

Hi David, I was going over my notes from the talk and I would really like to share them at my company. Would it be possible to post the presentation?

Kathy Forte at 13:40 on 22 Feb 2019

Dana did a great job going over Docker and its advantages. A really great live demo to show how it works. Well-received by the audience.

Jeremy Mikola at 18:04 on 19 Feb 2019

The content had a logical progression and sticking to a theme (homebrewing in this case) made it easier to follow along from introductory to more complete examples closer to the end of the talk. There wasn't much as much discussion about functional programming as one might have expected from the abstract. That's not unexpected given that this was a PHP talk, but it did work against a climatic conclusion.

Jeremy Mikola at 17:46 on 19 Feb 2019

Nicolas Cage also gave this five thumbs up.

Jeremy Mikola at 17:45 on 19 Feb 2019

Demin did a great job conveying what could easily have been hard-to-digest material in a well structured and concise presentation. He reinforced appropriate use cases for the framework, which was appreciated in some Twitter conversation surrounding the talk. Additionally, he was able to dive into some internal topics both during his presentation and in the Q&A to follow, which demonstrated a solid understanding of the subject.

This was the best talk I've been to on the conference! Very actionable, easy to use tips.

Webhooks is probably a really big topic, but I feel like having a map in the hand after the talk, with at least some pointers about how to start and make sure I don't mess up right in the beginning.

Was an interesting interactive experience. I was a bit late, when I arrived Damien asked what I was personally looking for in this talk, and he pointed me where I can exactly find it.

David Bisset at 09:00 on 17 Feb 2019

Nice humor, nice slide design, and it was great meeting you outside of the talk.

David Bisset at 08:59 on 17 Feb 2019

Nice focus on high level things (so many dealing with accessibility) and not making attendees feel guilty about not shooting for everything, at least at once.