Talk comments

Interesting topic. Far from every-day work, though I use PHP :) Good to know in details about future of PHP. Interesting comparison of PHPNG and HHVM.

Not bad. Being better If u add more practice examples.
What about your presentation on slideshare or something else?

Anonymous at 11:43 on 6 Nov 2014

Can you please post the slide? Thanks

Excellent talk, as always. You will always learn something new at Alan's talks, no matter how experienced an IBM i/PHP programmer you are.

Anonymous at 15:59 on 4 Nov 2014

Talk wasn't even remotely relevant, and the speakers knowledge of current technology and the industry seemed pretty off, I'm not even sure how he has a job in the tech industry to be honest.

Informative and funny. Thanks Christian!

This was a great presentation.

This presentation demonstrated a coherent method of migrating your production application to more modern and easier to maintain code. Each incremental change kept the application running, while moving to better code.

As others have mentioned, there was a lot of information, some of which the Paul had to skip, but I preferred this to him not answering questions.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. mind is still reeling from this. I've watched Gilmore Girls, so when I saw the disclaimer I thought "pfft...I can handle this". No. By the end I wandered out from the room bewildered, babbling "what just happened?" "is this real life?".

All jokes aside, this talk was the star of the show for me. 284 slides of mind-blowing clarity and conciseness on DDD and CQRS that had me like "whoa, I get it now!". Previous to this day I could never quite wrap my head around DDD and CQRS, and not for lack of trying. This talk was that "lightbulb" moment I was looking for!

That said, I can see how some would be turned off by the pace, though. I've read extensively about DDD and CQRS, had the foundational knowledge of terms and patterns, but just didn't have the "why", and I suspect that's why I didn't find the pacing an issue. There wasn't enough time or information in the talk to get someone new to the concepts up to speed and lost out on the life-altering epiphany in the process.

I really hope Zend recorded this one and will release it.

Excellent introduction to just how easy it is to build basic APIs with Apigility. I've used Apigility in a few projects and it's quickly become my go-to tool on the's one of those tools that once you've integrated it into your workflow you can't remember how you ever got by without it. Even though I've been using it, I still picked up a few things I didn't know - like how simple it makes file uploads and integrating ACLs. Overall, the talk was well structured, didn't try to cram in too much information, and live-building the API on stage was a nice touch. Well done!