Talk comments

Fantastic talk. I came to ZendCon for professional enrichment. I walked away from this talk with that, and an encouraging new approach to personal areas of my life as well. It could not have come at a better time too!

Thijs, talked of changing the variables... I found it profound that this talk could in itself be seen as another variable that I could take a hold off and make my own luck simply by taking the tips and tricks discussed and use them as a springboard for exploring the whole concept further.

Matt Skelton at 07:03 on 29 Oct 2018

Nice presentation - any chance you can post the slides?

Chris Ostrom at 07:24 on 25 Oct 2018

Well done! Love the pop quizzes...

Chris Ostrom at 07:21 on 25 Oct 2018

Great talk! I disagree with the last reviewer. I think the live demo was both helpful and instructive. You also did an awesome job breaking down the nomenclature and concepts into practical summaries. Thanks!

Chris Ostrom at 07:14 on 25 Oct 2018

Great talk! Very clear, comprehensive, and comprehensible discussion of docker.

Sean Prunka at 09:50 on 24 Oct 2018

Information wants to be free. Rock On!

Sean Prunka at 09:48 on 24 Oct 2018

I've been using PHP for approx 20 yrs. I've taken the boot camp twice. Christian always covers things that help me dig deeper to further my understanding even more.

Sean Prunka at 09:47 on 24 Oct 2018

I last took this Boot Camp in 2010 at ZendCon. So much has changed in PHP since then, it was great to have Christian's helpful review. I also noticed that he has grown a lot as a speaker in the past 8 years. Just keeps getting better. Thank you!

Cody Moss at 22:34 on 22 Oct 2018

Lots of good information. Really helpful. I have been wanting to look at expressive for a long time. Really excited to hear about all the cool things expressive is doing. The hands on bit could use a little bit of work. Make it a little more interactive. Other then that great work shop you have here Enrico!

Cody Moss at 22:31 on 22 Oct 2018

Helped clear up the confusion some of us have at work. The talk really broke down the information in to really understandable chunks. The hands on helped out as well.