This is the premier PHP and open source conference for technical business leaders, strategists, and developers to share practical experiences and real case studies from the front lines of enterprise environments.


Building a RESTful web API using Expressive
Workshop by Enrico Zimuel
PHP on IBM i performance workshop
Workshop by Alan Seiden
Deconstructing Docker for safety-critical applications
Workshop by Andrei Juc, Scott Mills
Practical API security
Workshop by Adam Englander
Continuous delivery with Jenkins, Terraform, AWS ECS, and Docker
Workshop by Joshua Ray Copeland
Introduction to domain-driven design in PHP
Workshop by Andrew Cassell
Web optimization best practices applied in the embedded world
Talk by Slavey Karadzhov
The Sodium crypto library of PHP 7.2
Talk by Enrico Zimuel
Release your refactoring superpower
Talk by Adam Culp
The debug dance: An intro to step debugging
Talk by Sammy Kaye Powers
Open source DB2Sock: The new way to connect to the IBM i
Talk by Stephanie Rabbani
Immutability to save an ever-changing world
Talk by Andrew Cassell
Warp speed testing at an enterprise level
Talk by Andrei Juc, Scott Mills
Cryptography in depth
Talk by Adam Englander
Talk by Adam Culp
Building a cloud-friendly application
Talk by Larry Garfield
Install MariaDB on IBM i: Tips, troubleshooting, and more
Talk by Rod Flohr
From zero to DevSecOps in 60 minutes
Talk by Jerry Hargrove
Docker alphabet soup
Talk by Dana Luther
Fear not a PHP segfault
Talk by Slavey Karadzhov
PHP debugging on the IBM i from A to Z (Apache to Zend)
Talk by Stephanie Rabbani
The why and the how of moving to PHP 7.x
Talk by Wim Godden
Developing cacheable PHP applications
Talk by Thijs Feryn
Using DB2 and SQL with open source languages on IBM i
Talk by Alan Seiden
Why open source?
Talk by Larry Garfield
Let's get random: Under the hood of PHP 7's CSPRNG
Talk by Sammy Kaye Powers
Machine learning on AWS (for noobs) with PHP
Talk by Jerry Hargrove
Zend Server for IBM i support tips and tricks
Talk by Rod Flohr
Converting your DEV environment to a Docker stack
Talk by Dana Luther