Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and Spain and one of the bigger in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 300 speakers from all over the world and from the most important IT realities.

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Friday, 28th November 2014

Devops Methods Web Serverside IoT Maker Frontend Inspiration Startup Functional Programming Cloud BigData

Opening Keynote

Mara Marzocchi

Keynote Paypal: Future of Payments

Tim Messerschmidt

Keynote Microsoft: The new Microsoft in a cloud-first, mobile-first open world

Lorenzo Barbieri


Managing Postgres in a devops environment

Gabriele Bartolini

Behaviour Driven Development: tutta questione di comunicazione

Francesco Tassi, Riccardo Franconi

The Big “Why equal doesn’t equal” Quiz

Juliette Reinders Folmer

L'approccio Model-Driven Development per lo sviluppo Agile nell'ambito dell'Internet of Things

Giulio Santoli

Become a Frontend Developer Ninja using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3

Marco Casario

Things I Believe Now That I'm Old

Ross Tuck

WELCOME - 150M € ready to be invested for wannabe startuppers: Come and join project


Startup in Action - #ACTION14


Round table on Continuous delivery on PaaS: meet IBM, Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, Pivotal and Amazon WS

L’elefante nella stanza! Affrontare le “known issues” tra tecnici e manager

Fabio Mora

Recipes to develop a reactive and cloud-ready application using Scala and Akka

Roberto Bentivoglio

Typescript, Angular e Bootstrap assieme per applicazioni real world

Andrea Boschin

The magic world of Advanced Persistent Threat

Andrea Pompili


What future we want for our Software Industry?

Cristiano Rastelli

Join the Dart Side of Web Development

Giovanni Laquidara

Lions and tigers and handling user capabilities

Tiffany Conroy

Programming Motherfucker or how I rediscovered my hacker spirit

Ole Michaelis


FIWARE Accelerator Programme: 80 Milion Euro for Start-Ups and SMEs

Silvio Cretti


Raise the Bar! Reloaded

Alessandro Franceschi

NodeJs for .NET Web developers

Ugo Lattanzi

OpenKnit at WeMake Makerspace in Milan

Zoe Romano

Monetize your website and mobile app! Ads ecosystem and Google SDKs

Francesco Bonatesta

Fun with functional JavaScript

Kuba Waliński

Make sense of your (BIG) data!

David Pilato


The Continuous Delivery Value

David Funaro

Build your reactive web application with Vert.x

Samuele Dell' Angelo

Agility beyond software: meet the world of 3D printing

Andrea Maietta

Scale-proof Frontend: a real world architecture

Ivan Prignano, Nicola Racco

Building simple, scalable mobile backends in the Cloud

Mandy Waite

Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8

Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Tradurre le idee in opportunità: Bluemix la Platform as a Service di IBM

Roberto Pozzi


InnovAction Lab 2015 - New Editions

Carlotta Cattaneo


PC = Personal Cloud (or how to use your development machine with Vagrant and Virtual Box for good)

Andrey Adamovich

REST in Practice, in Practice

Ian Robinson

Advanced dev tips for Android Wear

Alfredo Morresi

Crea il tuo ecosistema

Francesco Fullone

Le comunità di sviluppatori e startup globali

David Orban

Laziness, trampolines, monoids and other functional amenities: this is not your father's Java

Mario fusco

Open source on Microsoft Azure: Linux, Java, NodeJS, MongoDb and many other technologies

Eva Gjeci


TDD e continuous delivery sull'infrastruttura

Filippo Liverani

Polymer - Lego for the web

Maurizio Mangione

La mia lavatrice collegata a internet?

Valter Minute

La professione dello sviluppatore (3 anni dopo)

Gabriele Lana

Managed Containers, Open Source, and Google

Riccardo Carlesso


Tech Meetups

M&M Mean Milan, nuova community

Juri Di Natale

Static vs Dynamic

JUG Milano

Microsoft <3 Open Source

Roberto Andreoli, Eva Gjeci

Ubuntu Phone: the community smartphone

Giulio Collura


Saturday, 29th November 2014

Languages UX Database and BigData Mobile Enterprise NoCode Creative GameDev Cloud and Security Hacks

Living on the Edge(.js)

Rafał Legiędź

Introduction to Google Glass

Alain Regnier

Big Data, a space adventure

Mario Cartia

50 sfumature di Alloy

Alessio Ricco

Applied Mechanical Sympathy

Simone Bordet

Waaaaaah! - Sviluppare Software con la Produzione Relazionale Ricombinante (RRP)

Francesco Cirillo

Hands On Persuasive Game Design

Pietro Polsinelli


Welcome to the 2nd day of Codemotion Milan 2014

Keynote Michael "Monty" Widenius

Michael Widenius

Keynote IBM: Lo sviluppo applicativo nell'era dell'as-a-service

Giulio Santoli

Keynote Community


Awesome application in 2014

Giulio De Donato (liuggio)

So Easy a Child Could Do It: Designing Mobile Apps for Kids

Kathryn Rotondo

GlusterFS : un file system open source per i big data di oggi e domani

Roberto Franchini

Bluetooth 4.0 and iBeacons in your iOS app

Francesco Novelli

Why everyone is excited about Docker (and you should too...)

Carlo Bonamico

Bitcoin - the internet of money

Thomas Bertani

An Introduction to Procedural Content Generation

Pier Luca Lanzi


Swift Programming

Giuseppe Arici, Matteo Battaglio

Boobs, Kittens and Celebrities

Hoang Huynh

The MySQL and MariaDB story

Michael Widenius

From Android App To Killer App: How to Reach the Million-Downloads Milestone

Mario Viviani

L'architettura di Stack Overflow

Marco Cecconi

JavaScript Patterns For Contemporary Dance Music

Jan Krutisch

CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET.: a 500-year journey through arts, visual storytelling and indie game design

Matteo Pozzi, Claudia Molinari


Extending Python, what is the best option for me?

Francisco Fernández Castaño

Evolutive experience design; o la sopravvivenza del più adatto

Luca Mascaro

Real-time discovery e sentiment analysis su Twitter: BlogmeterNow

Vittorio Di Tomaso

La prima impressione conta ...e non hai una seconda occasione per farla

Marco Mantegazza

Advanced Concept of Caching

Mathilde Lemee

ROVINA: Robots for Exploration, Digital Preservation and Visualization of Archeological Sites

Vittorio Amos Ziparo


Designing for cross channel user experience

Chrissy Welsh

Braintree a modern foundation for accepting payments

Alberto Lopez

Building Reactive applications with Akka

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri


Mario Klingemann

Unity Internals: Memory and Performance

Marco Trivellato

Sviluppare in cloud con M.E.A.N.: il caso Crowdcore.

Giorgio Bonfiglio


Don't make me think. There's no need.

Stefano "Steve" Maraspin

Time Series: Dalla Teoria alla Pratica con MongoDB

Massimo Brignoli, Ivan Fioravanti

Sviluppare le vostre app per Android: Intel INDE ed Android Zone

Francesco Baldassarri

L'Audio nel gaming

Francesco Libralon

Rischi e tutele sull'uso dei wearable device

Massimo Farina


Lean UX Development - Approach and toolkit

Fabio Fabbrucci

Il tempo vola: rappresentare e manipolare sequenze di eventi e time series con un Document-Graph Database

Luigi Dell Aquila

Windows Phone 8.1 e i background tasks

Andrea Boschin

WebAPI Unleashed

Roberto Freato

Staying Human in the Digital Age

Fabian Hemmert

DDoS: Anatomy of an attack

Gianluca Varisco


Closing Keynote and Lottery! Prizes: Android Wear (by Google) and Dell Tablet (by Intel)