The OpenWest 2014 regional conference focuses on: Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Standards and welcomes hundreds of participants from states throughout the Mountain West.


Streamlining and simplifying your Perl code using Map, Grep, and Sort
Talk by Daina Pettit
PHP 5.NEXT: The New Bits
Talk by Davey Shafik
Intermediate jQuery: getting to the next level
Talk by Mike Scalora
real-time search infrastructure architecture at craigslist
Talk by Jeremy Zawodny
SaltStack Introduction
Talk by Jared Robinson
Nark - Steroids for Graphite
Talk by Matthew Barlocker, Alyssa Stringham
Inside the Sausage Factory: A Journey from PHP to C
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Developing on Hadoop using Pig & Hive
Talk by Dave Wellman
Testing: Heaven or Hell
Talk by Andrew Hurd
Advanced CSS3 Techniques
Talk by Alma Madsen
NoSQL Introduction
Talk by John Kerley-Weeks
5 Things You Didn't Know NGINX Could Do
Talk by sarah novotny
Language Design in Real Life
Talk by Gavin Howard
Git Workflows That Work
Talk by Spencer Christensen
Principles of Accessibility
Talk by Dallas Despain
Promises, Promises. An introduction to Deferred objects in Javascript
Talk by Richard Bateman
How Agile Can Make You a Better Executive
Talk by Hala Saleh
Profiling like a boss, with Chrome's Dev Tools
Talk by Paul Draper
Down and Dirty with Chrome Developer Tools
Talk by Bret Little
Doctrine, Object Persistence, and You
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Where's (the) Waldo? Automating network gear and "dumb" devices with Salt.
Talk by C. R. Oldham
Script up your application with Lua!
Talk by Ryan Erickson
Big Data Introduction
Talk by John Kerley-Weeks
Introduction to Ember
Talk by Russell S. Ahlstrom
PHP: Under The Hood
Talk by Davey Shafik
Hiring and Being Hired
Talk by Mac Newbold
Mobile Security is All About the App
Talk by Kory Calmes, Dan Langford
Linux Performance Tools
Talk by C. Ed Felt
Mentoring Devs Into DevOps
Talk by Justin Carmony
Bootstrapping a Compiler
Talk by Gavin Howard
Cargo Cult Security
Talk by Derrick Isaacson
Highly Available Graphite
Talk by Matthew Barlocker, Alyssa Stringham
The problem with ones and zeros.
Talk by Dave Wellman
Secure Your VoIP with Asterisk and Kamailio
Talk by Corey Edwards
Unleash the Raspberry Pi Through Physical Computing
Talk by Kevin Sidwar
Building more testable code
Talk by Gary
Making the Move into Management
Talk by Mac Newbold
DOs and DON'Ts of MongoDB
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Dominate your systems universe with Ansible
Talk by Daniel Hanks
How to write a billing system that doesn't suck
Talk by Mark Dominus
Angular.js for the skeptics
Talk by Richard Bateman
How to turn WordPress into a full-blown CMS
Talk by Alex Young
Building your own SAN Castle: From Media Center to Data Center
Talk by Brent Lambert
Tools to Help You Join the Self-Publishing Revolution
Talk by Trevor Hunsaker
Responsive Image Solutions for a CMS (Part 1)
Talk by Duke Speer
Responsive Image Solutions Pt 2 - Lightroom to Website
Talk by Duke Speer
Git Workflows That Work
Talk by Spencer Christensen
Atypical typing
Talk by Mark Dominus