Talk comments

Hello folks, I realized I had forgotten that I hadn't actually published the slides.

I have flipped the correct bit and you can find them at

Great talk, really enjoyed it and it covered a lot of bases - certainly sharpened my thinking around some aspects of testing.

Can't find the slides online though - thought they were supposed to be at ?

Thank you, Yitzchok. I had fun with the kata you chose for the example, which seemed incredibly difficult at the beginning of the afternoon. It got easier and more interesting each time.

Second time seeing this, and I'm still blown away by the inspiring words and message. I knew we had to make this the closing talk for PNWPHP.

I absolutely loved this! I think you could also easily make variations of this talk that are more technical -OR- less technical for a keynote.

Very interesting to see how your project developed over time. I would be interested in hearing about how to implement these types of systems instead of just the architecture too, so maybe you need an additional talk. :-)

Glad I could make it for the latter half.

Nicely done! All three of you are extremely well spoken. Thank you Jeremy for rallying the troops. I learned some things about all three databases, and the JSON features (supposedly) coming to MySQL seem quite interesting.

When I saw this talk at Lone Star PHP, I knew I had to bring it to Seattle. Wonderfully done.