Talk comments

Is there a link to the slides?

Great talk, felt rushed.

Would like have learnt more on the subject matter with actual examples of how to achieve things. Maybe more interactive.

Subject matter was very interesting. Very in depth details given. Good presentation and good slides but felt rather rushed.

Saw lots of examples of things that where possible with some great ideas and methods.

Pretty disappointed to find that most I'd learnt wasn't available on MySQL :(

Would like to have seen more MySQL database stuff.

Talker spent too long talking about their company.

Talker didn't seem to full understanding what they had done technically a lot of the time. Mainly spoke about how big and great their servers where.

There was some useful information to take but not enough as the useful pieces where skipped over.

Poor explanation of regex, was hoping for more fu. Wanted to learn more of the complex parts of regex.

Seemed poorly prepared with no real examples.

Tried to involve the audience with chocolate throwing. Which was funny but felt like being back at school.

The flip chart made reading and learning difficult.

Great to see innovation, new ideas and directions to take php.

I enjoyed Josh's talk. Couldn't agree more!!!

It is always good to see people from the "inside" sharing the knowledge!

I personally didn't learned anything new on FTS and I would have prefer more in-depth details. I liked the style and presentation skills used -- a quality speaker and overall a very good talk.