Software Crafters Barcelona is a two day event which aims to attract and connect software development professionals, who feel passion for their work and share the values and principles of the Crafters movement.


A cowgirl journey
Talk by Meritxell Calvo
Todo lo que podría salir mal, ha salido mal con D3 y grafos
Talk by Karina Guzmán
Automatiza y vencerás!
Talk by David Antón Lou
Continuous Deployment With Jenkins X And Kubernetes
Talk by Viktor Farcic
Mide más y sufre menos
Talk by Modesto San Juan
Communication Antipatterns and where to find them
Talk by Emma Baddeley
Acercándonos a la Programación Funcional ? a través de la Arquitectura Hexagonal ?
Talk by Juan Manuel Serrano, Javier Ferrer González
The Science of Not Estimating
Talk by Anemari Fiser, Javi Sánchez
Del CSS semántico a utility-first: nuestro viaje hacia un CSS comprensible y reusable
Talk by Adrià Fontcuberta
Talk by Beatriz Hernández
Reactive microsystems
Talk by Ignasi Marimon-Clos
Culture: engine and stopper of changes
Talk by Pau Trepat
Machine Learning para optimizar imágenes
Talk by Joan León
Serverless Programming for implementing Active Security in a microservices world
Talk by Néstor Salceda
Spending $34.66 for saving $150,000.00 a year in AWS
Talk by Ferran Grau Horta
Developer Responsibility Principle
Talk by Paula Julve Andía
Retos en el desarrollo de un videojuego HTML5 para una principiante
Talk by Aryadna García Marsá
Cambios en paralelo. Cambios grandes, pasos pequeños (Workshop)
Workshop by Eduardo Ferro Aldama
Kubernetes in Startups vs Enterprise: Using Custom Resources to extend workflow
Talk by Dimitris Kapanidis
Operational Serverless
Talk by Vicenç García Altés
Creating a web browser game with websockets
Talk by Monica Sánchez Calzado
Mi Monolito Mola Mucho
Talk by Cristian
Case Study: Practical tools and strategies for tackling legacy practices and legacy systems in a fast-growing startup
Talk by Alejandro Scandroli
Timeless Streams
Talk by Javier Salinas Polo