Talk comments

Had this just been billed as a talk rather than a workshop I would've given this 4 "thumbs up". However, I'm rating this based on the fact that it was presented as workshop which is where I think it fell a little flat. Jessica moved very quickly through the demo and I struggled to keep my head above water as she worked through her examples. About 90 minutes in, I missed a step and could no longer follow along in code on my own machine so I gave up and just listened. I looked around at that point and realized that everyone else had given up on coding along as well. So if this is going to be presented as a workshop again I would recommend the following:

1. Organize the repository into branches for each of the "steps"
2. Cut out half of the material that you went over and allow time for people to actually reason about the problem you were
attempting to solve
3. After giving people some time to come up with their own solution to each "step" (sub problem) present your solution

Again this was a great "talk" but it was frustrating as a workshop.

Really impactful talk. Thanks for sharing this.

Lance at 11:15 on 25 Sep 2018

I never get tired of Jesse talking about tech. Oh, and the presentation was good too. Disclaimer: I work with Jesse D. He brings that passion to work everyday. I'm glad people got to absorb some of his positive energy. Well done sir. Also, your intro theme music was on point. (Deadmau5's 4ware for those that didn't know.)

Lance at 11:11 on 25 Sep 2018

Like the previous post states, this was more like a history of progression in his craft, but it suits the presentatio nicely. You may recognize a point where you are at, and a place you want to be. I came out of it with some new tools to look at. Also, he is very correct about asking your company for a "learning budget". Priceless.

Lance at 11:05 on 25 Sep 2018

Terry was very very good. His demos using GCP were impressive. He is a Google employee, but was able to stay unbiased which is refreshing. I hope he is correct about serverless eventually winning the day.

Lance at 11:01 on 25 Sep 2018

I really enjoyed this presentation. Walked away with the idea of using Sourcetree less and cmd line more.

Lance at 10:59 on 25 Sep 2018

This talk sorta blew my mind. It was very fast and technical, but the final example of tying the three new concepts together was pretty amazing.

Lance at 10:53 on 25 Sep 2018

I liked this talk very much and also the brutal honest truth that refactoring is a process. This talk seems all about "Kaizen" without expressly saying it.

Lance at 10:24 on 25 Sep 2018

For anyone writing migration (or any long-lived) scripts, this was a great primer. Very useful explanations and light introduction to some libs that help.

Lance at 10:21 on 25 Sep 2018

Truly inspirational. Entertaining and informative at the same time. I could listen to this guy for hours.