Talk comments

Awesome, entertaining, relevant. The subject matter was helpful, the side-rant about instagram was hilarious, and he had sharks with fricking lasers.

Thanks for the slide link, really enjoyed the talk, enthusiastic and fluent! Thank you for the insight.

Just echoing what others have said. Some good content, but hard to follow because:
* the slides were hard (!) to read from (near) the back
* the speaker was hard to hear

Best talk of the event. Some good ideas, well presented.

My favourite talk by a long way, and one that I'll remember. I love statistics and colours so I was interested in the topic before the talk even began. Brian is clearly an experienced and engaging speaker and he had some really good points to make and stories to tell. Thanks!

Loved seeing Mike talk, an expert from another field is always a breath of fresh air. I am doing some node.js but it was very reassuring to hear the stories from someone ahead of me on the path and still encountering some of the same issues. The sample code illustrated the points very nicely although the font size was much too small IMO. I'm not sure how much I learned, or how much someone without any node experience would have got from the session however.

Really enjoyed this talk to remind us that we are the sum of our experiences and sometimes we need to learn the hard way - and that's okay. Nice and calm for first thing in the morning, and I loved the stories. For me it could have done with more of a "next steps after failure" message, to send us on our way to the next great thing.

This was my favourite talk of the event, it was refreshing to see a less code heavy talk that drew on new ideas and really interesting methods and tips for displaying data. Fantastic stuff :)

Great talk from Derek, a little ard to hear but I think that was more down to the AV and the venue than anything else. He was also very helpful during the hack day..

WT: "I need to bore you about Open Street Map with a few questions..."
DR: "It's not possible to bore me about Open Street Map, go ahead :)"

Not just a 5 because I got to play with the shark, but I have to admit... it helped. I thought the lead-in with the human state machine was quite a nice link for the HATEOAS model. Felt like you were a little nervous at the start, but you hit a good pace after the intro. Closed things off on just the right note.