Talk comments

Great talk. Was looking for a replacement for our office's current framework. Was not disappointed and looking forward to dig into this more over the following weeks.

Very fun and glad to see that you can do something else than web application with code.

Where is my laser again.

The intro was fun but too long and I think it's one of the reason why you ran out of time. You should also probably rephrase a bit to make it shorter and make the example more practical than a hello world.

How to make the most abstract concept super useful and clear to understand our current concrete situation in PHP and the other language.
Fantastic talk, very enjoyable.

I felt like there was no clear message. The talk went a bit in all directions.
And the colour scheme can be improved for readability.

Very good insight to all the non technical stuff that are necessary for a successful (game) project.

Were is that press the button game now ?

Super nicely done.
Just too short, need more goodness.

I agree with a little warning that zf2 knowledge is important.
Other than that the walk trough and the git repo with exercices and solutions was quite helpfull.