Talk comments

Anonymous at 22:40 on 3 May 2014

I think the examples provided could be better, didn't like the use of (Auth, Logger, Service) being used throughout the talk.

Anonymous at 02:25 on 1 May 2014

Great presentation, I learned alot. I have problems regarding integrity and didn't like using ifs and such everywhere and Mathias Verraes provided what seems the best way to tackle this. Interestingly enough I didn't know what the talk was going to be about. Coincidence?


Anonymous at 13:20 on 15 Apr 2014

Very clear. Thank you!

Great talk! Well presented, good code examples, and some very good tricks.

Rowan is a great guy and a great speaker. And I felt very sympathetic about the sleeplessness+jet-lag. I don't think that affected the talk, maybe even made it slightly more entertaining (I mean Rowan's jokes about it).
The content of the talk, however seemed rather basic, and the most mind-bending areas were mostly skipped. Reminded me of a very compressed university course - yet if you didn't know this before, I don't think you could grasp it in this amount of time. I agree that visualizations make it more PopSci (thus easier to understand).

Great talk. I have the luxury of having heard most of it (Deliberate practice, Katas, Koans, phpspec) before, yet I still brought home Transformations and Learn Design First. Marcello is a great speaker delivering very persuasive talks as usual.

Entertaining, scientific, interesting - yet of little relevance. With a big disclaimer that php will hardly be used, it would have better expectation/reality alignment. Enjoyed it anyway.

Good talk, showed many new possibilities. Yet there was so much content, that all I remember is "google about intl, it has many great features". I'd says selecting a subset of the features and showing practical (preferably real-life) examples of its use would be more practical.