Talk comments

Enjoyable talk but mainly aimed at those who aren't already involved in the community!

Good talk. I liked the well thought out examples.

I've been using lithium for a while and was interested to hear if there were any parts I missed or was using wrong. Glad I didn't find any during the talk ;)
Well presented, although I agree the introduction could be a bit shorter so there is more time for in-depth lithium.

Most enjoyable talk of PHPNW12 as far as I'm concerned. Very nice presentation style; funny but still to the point. Good overview of AWS and how to work with it, including some good examples of how not to work with it.

Nice talk, good speaker. I love the "we screwed up, let's start over" attitude :)

Code wasn't very readable, and I had a expected a different direction; the talk was mainly about implementation of primitive types, I expected more compound types. Nevertheless, quite a good talk and well presented.

Thanks for the jsonSerializable bit, I hadn't seen that one yet. It will certainly come in handy for our API once we switch to 5.4 :)

Anonymous at 10:36 on 21 Oct 2012

Nice talk, quite inspiring!

Well presented, and good content, but I couldn't help but feel it wasn't aimed at people like me

The IDE was a little difficult to read, but it was perhaps my own fault for sitting near the back. Otherwise an interesting talk, and what better way to learn more about PhpDocumentor than to watch some live documenting?