Come to Manchester and join in this year's fabulous PHPNW conference. Building on the success of previous years, we have a bigger schedule, more venues, more great content and hopefully more fun than ever! With speakers from across the PHP sphere and its allied technologies, there is something for everyone at this event, and always someone to talk tech to if you want to.


Hands on Debugging with Xdebug
Workshop by Derick Rethans
Test your code like a pro : PHPUnit in practice
Workshop by Sebastian Marek
Create your own PHP extension step by step
Workshop by Anthony Ferrara, Derick Rethans, Patrick Allaert
Developer Experience, API Design and craft skills
Keynote by Ade Oshineye
PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use
Talk by Lorna Mitchell
Don't reboot, debug!
Talk by Joshua Thijssen
Practical Date/Time Handling with PHP
Talk by Derick Rethans
Password Storage and Hashing
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
FirefoxOS - Boot to Gecko
Talk by Martin de Keijzer
React: Event-Driven PHP
Talk by Igor
The State of PHPUnit
Talk by Volker Dusch
Composer for Busy Developers
Talk by Rafael Dohms
API Design: It's not rocket surgery
Talk by Dave Ingram
Catching Opportunities with Open Source
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap, Christian Schaefer
Symfony components in the wild
Talk by Jakub Zalas
Designing systems to scale
Talk by Michael Heap
Safire, the new PHP!
Talk by Joshua Thijssen
Effective Code Reviews
Talk by Sebastian Marek
Silex, the micro framework
Talk by Ben Longden
Varnish In Action
Talk by Thijs Feryn
Drupal Haters You're all Hypocrites!!
Talk by Marcus Deglos
Building a Firehose
Talk by Ian Barber
From the ground up – Hands-on coding, deploying, and scaling with AWS
Talk by Rowan Merewood
Twig doesn't make templating your enemy
Talk by Hugo Hamon
Working with ZF2's Zend\Form
Talk by Rob Allen
Lithium – The framework that contains the best of all worlds
Talk by Richard McIntyre
To SQL or no(t) SQL
Talk by Jeroen van Dijk
Recognizing smelly code
Talk by Harrie Verveer
PhpDocumentor : your source matters
Talk by Mike van Riel
Fork it! Parallel processing in PHP
Talk by Nathaniel McHugh
Community works for business too!
Keynote by Michelangelo van Dam