Talk comments

Linked slides, video and source code from my talk, you can find links on top.

Thank to everyone for leaving feedback, I'll try to do my best next times!

I didn't expect that this lecture will be so good. Adam had many advices for us how can we make our code better. Thank you mr Culp. :-)

Excellent. Very useful and very good lecture. Thank you Anna, it was my pleasure to hear you.

No so interesting. This was sponsor's workshop. It was limited only to 10 users. Other of us could only look what they do.

Nice ideas, but lecture could be better presented.

Logical, simple approach to problems. It was good lecture.

Very very useful lecture. It was nice overview of major databases systems.

Interesting idea. Implementation could be better. Also it would be nice that we could download example files.

Interesting talk but not so useful.

Very useful lecture. Nice examples.